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BLIKSEN was founded in 1989, located in Tainan Yongkang Technology Industrial Park, Taiwan.  We have 100 employees including 20 R&D staffs in Taiwan.  Our main service is to provide custom sheet metal design and fabrication.
The application industry of our sheet metal products are semiconductor equipment industry, machine tool industry, optoelectronic manufacturing equipment industry, medical equipment industry, plastic extrusion machine industry, electronic equipment industry and so on.


Supported by many years of sheet metal manufacturing and driven by innovative technology, fast delivery and attention to quality, it is the BLIKSEN philosophy that makes us stand out from the field.
BLIKSEN puts a human touch to everything it does, and this commitment to personal relationships with our employees and clients alike makes us affable and a pleasure to deal with. BLIKSEN brings a ray of sunshine to a product-driven and often-times impersonal industry.
And we are proud of this.

  • Founded: 1989
  • Management Philosophy: People-oriented business
  • Quality Policy: Quality first, technology leadership, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction
  • Industry Category: sheet metal processing
  • Businesses: customized sheet metal design and processing services
  • Application Industry:
    Semiconductor equipment industry Machine tool industry Optoelectronic manufacturing equipment industry Medical equipment industry Plastic extrusion machine industry Electronic equipment industry
  • Square: 8926 Square Feet
  • Location: No.75,Yongkehuan Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan



6 Employees in the initial stage.


Applied CNC computer machines to manufacture precision sheet metal.


Invested Japan ieading laser cutting machine AMADA FO2000, 3D design team established.


Imported AMADA FO4000, AMADA LC-3015F1NT, ERP, Sheetworks, ISO9001:2008.


The staff increased to 90 and lauched barcode management.


Get oversea orders, start own branding plan.


Factory relocation: Yongang Technology Industrial Park.


Set up powder painting factory in Yongkang Technology Industrial Park.

Partners' businesses

are my business.
Partners include clients and colleagues.

Our Team

At BLIKSEN, thinking person’s worth is far more important than work itself. To make everyone’s career growing up is our biggest challenge, also the greatest achievement. We believe that with partners, including all our colleagues in the joint efforts of the success is real success.

General Manager

The founder of BLIKSEN
Her philosophy: Get the right people into the right jobs.

Plant Director

The chief of sheet metal manufacturing technical


Ability of procurement and sales can offer clients the best price

* *
"there are no ideas too wild and no dreams too big"

We are determined to assist each customer, implementation designed to meet their cost.
Optimized design, make the manufacturing process simpler, remove waste
Accompany clients to do the craziest dreams

"100% manufacture products based on drawing"

Absolutely respect the original design and drawing
Always give the feedback of manufacturing site to our Research & Design Dept.
Make next design even better.

"Fully supportive to our clients and our colleagues."

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.