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Our Research & Design


3D Sheetworks Drawing Team

We use 3D Sheetworks (exclusive 3D SOLIDWORKS only for sheet metal design) to make your product drawing. The benefit is that we can fully automatic unfolding process and create NC data easier when we use sheetworks.


Bending Simulation

We can recognize how sheet metal design works by using bending simulation software called BendCam.
Meanwhile, we can correct any error before your products fabricated to save a lot of time and cost.
Please check out the video to see how we simulate sheet metal design.

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Our Production


All Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

Shearing, punching, laser cutting, bending, drilling and tapping, welding & spot welding, surface finishing.
Once sheet metal product programming is done, it will give each work piece a barcode.
With this barcode, every CNC processing machine can automatically read processing data and manufacture products which means it can save a lot time and money.

Learn more about our sheet metal production flow

1Incoming Material

2Laser Cutting / Punching



5Product Inspection

6Surface Treatment





Computer Synchronization Connection

Through the synchronization connection, the production process of each work piece has been recorded in our data server; we could check all the processing data such as facilities availability, performance efficiency.
When the design and program are done, it will be automatically stored in its SDD data server, processing machine can access SDD data server through their special software, such as Dr. Blank, Bend-Cam, AP100-cam_A.

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